Quiet Start To The Week, But A Great End. 317 Pips In Total.

The week started off very quiet indeed, no trades on Monday at all. We got one trade on Tuesday for 11 pips, and 2 trades on Wednesday for 39 pips combined. We then had a nice day yesterday with 3 trades for 105 pips in total. Today was a great day. We had 4 trades, 3 winners and one loser. Total pips today was 162. what a great end to a pretty poor week. Total pips for the week is 317.

All our trades are posted on our main site at http://www.tradeforexmakemoney.co.uk and are displayed here via an RSS feed, so if you want more information on each trade just click on a link in the feed on the right hand side of the site.

Have a great weekend all, and i hope next week is just as profitable. :-)

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